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iOS 9.3

iOS 9.3

Date Written: 1/14/16

Earlier this week Apple released information about the next big update to their iOS 9 operating system, iOS 9.3. The update is in beta and there is no release date at this point. It includes quite a few improvements that many users are excited to get in their hands. Below are some of the highlights:

  • Night Shift - This feature allows your device to automatically detect (based on the clock and geolocation) when it is night time and then move the colors in the display to warmer colors. The goal is to reduce blue light.
  • More 3D Touch Quick Actions - More built in apps such as Weather, Settings, Health, and Compass support 3D touch quick actions which makes it easier to access the information in them you want.
  • Education - It includes several new features for educators such as multi-user iPad support and a new classroom app which gives teachers more options for controlling iPads in their class.
  • News App - Improved to make it more tailored to each person's interests.
  • And More - Improvements to other areas such as: CarPlay Apple Watch, Wallet/Apple Pay and Siri.