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Do I Need an Internet Connection?

Do I Need an Internet Connection?

Date Written: 10/10/2019

We often get asked the question ‘Do I have to be online to use Palm-Tech?’ and it’s a great question. The reason it comes up so much is that many software programs do require a constant internet connection to function properly. While this may work OK for a program you are using when sitting at your desk, it becomes problematic when it’s a program you are taking in the field as there may not be an option for a reliable internet connection.

The answer to the question is no, you don’t have to be online to use Palm-Tech. You can complete your entire inspection from start to finish while not being connected. With that said, there are two functions that do require an internet connection. The first one is when emailing a report (which make sense because in order to send an email you need an internet connection). The second time you need an internet connection is when uploading or download files to/from the cloud drive to move them between devices.

This means you can complete your inspection onsite without a connection. If you are in a spot where one isn’t available then you simply put together the report and once you get to a spot where you have internet you can quickly email the report to your client or upload it so you can finish it up on your computer (if that’s your process).