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Start, Finish, Deliver from One Device

Start, Finish, Deliver from One Device

Date Written: 04/24/14

With version 7 of Palm-Tech you are able to deliver your report to your client directly from your smartphone or tablet in the field. This is a great option for people looking to deliver their report on-site and not worry about having to finish the report back at the office. You are now able to start, finish, and deliver your report all from one device. 

The best part about delivering your report from your mobile device is that you will be delivering the same, great looking PDF report that you are used to delivering from your Windows PC. The report is not scaled down and you won’t lose any of the features that you are used to. You are able to send over the exact same Print Settings that you use on the PC to your cloud drive, so that they can be used when delivering the report from the app.
For more information on delivering a report from the app, check out the video tutorial.