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Best Ways to Learn How to Use the App

Best Ways to Learn How to Use the App

Date Written: 6/11/15

The Palm-Tech app is very easy to learn and use. Of course, even with software that is easy to use, you have to start somewhere with it. Below are some recommendations for the best ways to quickly learn how to use the app for creating your home inspection reports:

  • Watch tutorials - We have a ton of tutorials that go over how to use the program (on our website go to the Support section and then click on Tutorials to access them). The best one for learning how to use the app is called 'Basics of Using the Palm-Tech App'. It's under 15 minutes long and it walks through everything you need to learn to be able to use the app.

  • Use it on a mock inspection - Nothing beats actually using the program for learning. Do a mock inspection on your own house or a friend's house with the app and it won't take long before you have the basics down.
    Attend a monthly webinar - The first Wednesday of each month we do a free training webinar where we walk through how to use the program on a PC, how to use the App, how to use the cloud drive to transfer files between devices, and how to customize the program.