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Choose Category Screen

Updated Choose Category Screen

Date Written: 12/5/12

With the new Palm Tech app update 6.73i (released December 2012), you now have four buttons running across the top of the Choose Category screen: F.C., Review, Pics, and Upload. Here is information on each button:

  • F.C. - This button allows you to add Final Comments and Private Notes to your inspection.

  • Review - The Summary Review screen lets you view all the items you've marked as Marginal and Defective in your inspection in summary groups.

  • Pics - With this option, you can quickly review all of the pictures you've included in your inspection without having to go through each category line by line.

  • Upload - This button allows you to upload your report to the Cloud Drive from within the inspection.

    With Android devices, available updates will show up in your Notifications bar, or you can check for updates in the Google Play Store. On Apple devices, you will see a notification on your Apple Store app on your home screen when an update is available.