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Changing App Colors

Changing App Colors

Date Written: 9/7/2017

We recently added a lot of customization options with the latest upgrade to Palm-Tech. This includes the ability to setup custom cover pages, custom page headers, custom colors and the ability to customize components which means you can customize the inspection items that come in when you tap 'Add Another'.

One of the 'under the radar' changes we made is the ability to customize 'App Colors'. You can change this in 'Settings' on the app. You can get to 'Settings' by tapping on the button in the top right corner of the opening screen or by tapping on the 'Settings' icon (the gear icon) on the toolbar on the Choose Category screen. Once in 'Settings' you'll see two new options: Set Button Color and Set Icon Color.

Set Button Color - This allows you to change the color of all the buttons in the app, as well as, the top bar. By default this is green. You can set this to whatever color you want by tapping on the paintbrush icon and then moving the Red, Green and Blue sliders until you get the color you are looking for. You also can manually type in a Color Hex Value. The Done button will show you what your new color is and once you tap this the color change will take place.

Set Icon Color - This allows you to change the color of all icons used in the program. This will impact items on the toolbars, as well as, other icons used throughout the app.

You can change the colors at any point in time so feel free to experiment until you get it perfect. If you love sports and you might want to change it to match your favorite team based on what season it is. Regardless of the colors you prefer, it's easy to change.

NOTE: Changing the App Colors will only impact the way the app looks. It does not change how it functions and it does not change the way your report prints. picture (or having to rotate it on the PC). Inspectors are loving this new feature as it makes their job faster and easier.