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Mobile Web Browsers

Mobile Web Browsers

Date Written: March 2012

A mobile web browser is a browser designed for use on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. These browsers allow you to view the internet easily on your device by optimizing the webpage for usability and easy viewing. Mobile web browsers allow users to stay up to date on the latest news, weather, check email, and surf the web on the go.

Apple devices that run the iOS (such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) come with a default web browser called Safari. Safari is one of the best mobile browsers around. The latest version of Safari comes with new features, two of which are the Reading List and the Reader feature. Reading List allows you to save articles offline that you find interesting so that you can read them later. The Reader feature allows you to read a news article without the distractions of ads and other clutter on the page.

Safari comes with all the basics that you would expect out of an internet browser, including bookmarks, the ability to open multiple windows, and on the iPhone 4S it also works with Siri.

With Android smartphones and tablets becoming more and more popular, Android's native internet browser is now the most popular mobile browser. The browser shows up as an Earth icon on most devices and will be called simply "Browser". The latest version of the web browser with Android 4.0 offers several nice features as well. With each website you visit you now have the option to request the desktop version of the webpage. This is helpful when the mobile page won't give you the options you are looking for. You also have the ability to save a webpage for offline viewing. The new internet browser for Android 4.0 is also faster than the previous browser.

Like Safari, the Android browser also includes all the basic features you'd expect such as bookmarks, the ability to have multiple tabs, and double tapping to zoom.

Safari and the native web browser for Android are great browsers and they come preinstalled on the iOS and Android devices, but there are also several other options in the mobile app store. Some of the most popular web browser apps are Dolphin Browser and Opera Web Browser. Both apps provide the basic functionality needed in a browser, and include their own additional features that make them unique. Both apps are also free to download.