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Settings Screen

Palm-Tech App Settings Screen

Date Written: 9/4/13

You can access the Settings Screen on the Palm-Tech app, by first tapping on 'File Manager' from the main screen of the app, and then tapping on 'Settings' from the File Manager screen. The Settings Screen on the app allows you to connect to the Cloud Drive and gives you multiple options for making changes within the Palm-Tech app. Below we'll take a look at each of these options.

  1. Cloud Drive Login - If you haven't already entered your Cloud Drive user name and password into the app, you can do so from the Settings Screen, and then test the connection to make sure your device is connected. When you tap on 'Test Connection' within the Settings Screen on the app, you'll get a message that says 'Test Successful,' and you'll know that you're connected to the Cloud Drive.

    If you ever experience any issues with your cloud drive or connection, this is the first place to check. Go into your Settings screen and test the connection. Then go back and see if you are still seeing the issue. Tapping on 'Test' will re-establish the connection with your cloud.

  2. Default Image Height - Here you can edit the height of pictures that are added into the app. By tapping in the box to the right of 'Default Image Height', you can easily change the height in inches that you want your pictures to automatically be when you're entering them into the inspection.

  3. Select 1st Rating With Description Entry - This option is already selected by default when you download the Palm Tech app. It means that as soon as you enter a description on a line, the first rating in your list of ratings will automatically be selected for that line. For example, if you're filling out the 'Driveway' line, under 'Lots and Grounds', and you say the driveway is made of concrete first, then the line will automatically be rated as Acceptable (which is the first rating by default)..

  4. Take Cover Page Photo - Selecting this box will allow you to take a cover page photo with the app. With this option selected, you will now see a 'Cover Page Photo' category in your category list. Simply tap on the category to take your cover page photo.