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Email Reports from Mobile Devices

email home inspection reports from mobile devices

Deliver Your Home Inspection Reports On Site 

The Palm-Tech Home Inspection App gives you the ability to email your home inspection reports to clients as PDFs directly from your smartphone or tablet. This means you can start, finish and then deliver your report all from your iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet or Windows PC.

This eliminates the need to take it back to a PC or to your office. You can deliver your home inspection report before you leave the home and get ready for your next home inspection. This cuts down on the work you have to do back at the office and it allows your clients to get the report faster. 

home inspection app report review

Creates a Great Looking Report

Whether you email the report from your mobile device in the field or take it back to the office and send it from your PC, the report you create will be identical. You can easily set the report look to what you want on your PC, and from that point forward, each time you create a PDF in the home inspection app, it will use your customized settings.

Don't Want to Email from Your Mobile Device?

No problem. Many inspectors use a mobile device to collect inspection information, but prefer to come back to the office and finalize the report before sending it to a client. With Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software we make it easy. Once you are done in the field you can use the cloud to quickly transfer the inspection to your other devices. From there you can open it, review it, tweak it as needed and then email it. Of course you can also print it, upload it to your website, and all the other things you can easily do with a PDF to get the report to your client.

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