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Easy to Use

Palm-Tech is Easy

As an inspector your focus is on conducting the best inspection possible and providing the best service possible to your clients. A big part of this process is creating the report. This can be frustrating, time consuming, and for many inspectors it takes them out of their comfort zone as they are forced to use computers and technology that they aren't familiar with. At Palm-Tech we get it. That is why we have made the program as easy to use as possible for you.

Easy to Learn

We understand you're busy and that is why it is so important to use a software product that you can be up and running with fast. Palm-Tech is so easy to learn, that after watching one of our hour long webinars, most inspectors know enough about the software to be able to complete an inspection with Palm-Tech the next day.

Don't believe it? Download the Palm-Tech Demo and give it a try. You can view one of our previously recorded webinars here.

We also provide tons of How To guides and video tutorials on our website to help you learn the software.

As you are looking at the software and have questions, give us a call at (888)736-2462. When you call between 9 and 5 EST on normal business days, you will speak to a live person ready to help you.

Easy to Use

The Palm-Tech program is dropdown driven, which means the comments you add while inspecting are saved so that you can use them on future inspections. You'll no longer have to re-type the same comment over and over again. Simply hit the dropdown, select your comment, and move on. It is also flexible enough that you can create YOUR reports. Create new templates that match the way you inspect, so you can feel comfortable inspecting the way you are used to.

No matter what hardware you plan on using in the field, we have a solution for you that makes it simple. The Palm-Tech app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices offers the industry's most user-friendly interface. Fill out your inspection with simple taps and swipes of a finger. See how easy it is to use the Palm-Tech app here.

Easy to Create Great Looking Reports

As you use Palm-Tech in the field on your inspection you are creating your report at the same time. Don't spend extra time back at the office typing your findings for a second time.

When it comes to the look of your report, you have a variety of options to make the reports YOURS. Edit the colors, fonts, and format of the report to create that report that will wow your clients. Set the way the report looks one time and your preferences will be saved for all future inspections. Your inspection report will leave a lasting impression on your client and agents, so be sure you are providing the best report possible. See examples of Palm-Tech reports. here.

FAQs About the Ease of Use of Palm-Tech

  • Q: What makes Palm-Tech so much easier to use than other software programs?
    A: Palm-Tech was created with home inspectors in mind. Download the demo and compare Palm-Tech with the others side-by-side. Conduct a couple practice inspections with each. You'll see the same difference that the thousands of inspectors that use Palm-Tech saw.

  • Q: Is it easy to customize?
    A: Absolutely. Palm-Tech makes it very simple to customize the program and create new templates to match how you inspect. Don't adapt to your software, adapt your software to you.

  • Q: Is it easy to use in the field?
    A: No matter what device you're using in the field, Palm-Tech is easy to use. The Palm-Tech app for iPhone, iPad, and Android uses the industry's most user-friendly interface. Complete your inspection with simple taps and swipes of a finger.

  • Q: Is it easy to learn?
    A: Palm-Tech is very easy to learn! After watching one of our hour long webinars about the basics of using the program, most inspectors know enough to conduct an inspection with Palm-Tech the very next day.

  • Q: Is it easy to add pictures to reports?
    A: Yes! If you are using the app, simply tap the 'Take Photo' button on the line where you want your picture showing up. This is going to automatically pull up the camera on your device. Take the picture and it's added directly into your report, in the section you took it at, instantly. If you are adding pictures on a desktop or laptop, dragging and dropping pictures into the report is fast.

  • Q: Is it easy to get answers to questions I have about the software?
    A: Yes! Give us a call on regular business days between 9 - 5 EST and you will speak with a friendly voice ready to help. You can also contact us by email at info@palm-tech.com.

  • Q: Do I have to use special hardware or can I use what I already have?
    A: Palm-Tech runs on lots of devices, giving you plenty of options. If you already own one of these devices, you should be able to run Palm-Tech: iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets, as well as Windows laptops, desktops, and tablets.

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