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I'm a New Home Inspector - Why Should I Buy Palm-Tech?

As a new inspector you have a lot to do and a lot of decisions to make as you get into the home inspection business. Getting the right reporting software in place will go a long way in helping you get off to a smooth start and positioning your company well as it grows.

What Am I Looking for in Software?

When looking at software for creating your home inspection reports, there are several key factors:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • What do the reports look like?
  • As my business grows will I be able to continue using the software?
  • Do they offer technical support and if so, how helpful are they?
  • Is this a company that I can trust to be around for years to come?

Ulitmately what it comes down to is this: Is this software the best software available to help me quickly create great looking reports to give to my clients?

Why Palm-Tech?

Palm-Tech is easy to use and creates the best looking reports. You can take a look at our tutorials and/or our demo and in less then an hour you'll have the basics of the software down to the point where you can fill out an inspection. As far as the reports go, take a copy of one of our sample reports and compare it to the other options. In fact, take a copy of one of our samples and a report created elsewhere to a real estate agent or a potential client and see which one they think is easier to read and understand.

We're here to help. Palm-Tech has been used by home inspectors since 1998 and there are thousands of inspectors using it today. When you call us with questions looking for help we'll be here. Your questions will be answered in a way that is helpful and friendly which unfortunately is a rarity with support these days.

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What's the Real Cost of Paying Less?

The reports you create will help or hurt you as you look to get more business. If you create a hard to read, hard to follow report, you are less likely to get referrals which are critical to a growing home inspection business. On the otherhand, if you create a great looking report that your clients love you'll get more referrals.

Learn More About Report Options

Perhaps the biggest cost of getting an ineffective software program is time. How much is your's worth? Can you afford to save a little money on your reporting software but then spend an extra 60 minutes on each inspection creating the report because the software isn't easy to use? Some inspectors getting started will answer 'Yes' to that question with the reasoning that once their business grows they'll make the investment in better software. This sounds like a solid plan, but there are some challenges with it. Think about it. When your business is growing and you have a steady base of referrals coming in and less time then ever because of the number of inspections you're doing, do you really want to interupt everything to switch to another software? Will you have the time to 'start over' and customize another program to match how you want? What will those who send you referrals think when the reports you create look different?

Ask any inspector who has been doing inspections for years how much of a hassle getting a new reporting program in place is or would be and you'll quickly understand why getting the best one in place from the beginning should be the ONLY option.

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