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Home Inspection Software for the iPad, iPhone and Android Devices

Take on-site reporting to the next level with the Palm-Tech app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. Choose from a large variety of smartphones and tablets to find the perfect device that will work for you.

Start, Finish and Deliver Reports
All From Your Mobile Device

You can start, finish and then deliver your report all in the field, all from your mobile device. Start off by picking the template you want to use and then quickly fill out the information as you conduct the inspection. Add pictures as you inspect and include any markups such as arrows and text you want on the photos. Once finished, take advantage of the built in picture and summary review and then simply tap on the 'Email' button and the inspection will be turned into a PDF that you can then email to your client. It doesn't get easier!

Use an Android Phone in the field for your home inspections

What Makes this App the Best?

  • Easy to Use - Input information and navigate to different sections by simply tapping and swiping. It's never been easier!
  • The Fastest - An intuitive interface and multiple options for entering information add up to the fastest app for entering inspection information.
  • Most Flexible App - Fully customize your templates on your PC and send them over to your app OR make changes on the fly.
  • Create and Email Reports - You can turn your reports into PDFs and email them directly to clients all from your mobile device.
  • Be an Expert Fast - Between free training webinars, tons of step by step HOW TO documents and over 50 video tutorials you'll be an expert in no time.

What Can I Do With the App?

  • Quickly enter information and navigate by swiping and tapping your finger
  • Turn reports into PDFs and email them to clients without needing another computer
  • Easily transfer files between devices using the Palm-Tech Cloud Drive - No wires needed
  • Take pictures and have them added directly into reports
  • Add text, arrows and ellipses to the pictures you add into reports
  • Enter cost estimates for each item in the report
  • Collect electronic signatures
  • Review your report with Completeness Checks, Summary Review, Picture Review and by reviewing the final PDF before emailing it off
  • Cut/Copy/Paste/Rename lines and entire sections on the fly
  • Adjust screen fonts to the size you want
Use an iPhone in the field for your home inspections
You Choose the Hardware

With the Palm-Tech app, you have a huge selection of hardware options to choose from. If you want to use something small that will fit in your pocket or on your belt, then a smartphone is a great option. If you are looking for something a little larger, a tablet is your best bet. Ranging from 5" to 10", there are several quality tablets to choose from. With so many options to choose from, you can find the perfect device that will work for you and your inspection style.

Download the App Today

Download and demo the Palm-Tech app today and see firsthand how it can help you save time on your inspections. To download the app, open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for 'Palm-Tech'. Then tap on download and you'll be ready to demo the app and see the benefits for yourself.

Use an iPad in the field for your home inspections

Additional Information

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