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Picture Options

Adding Pictures Has Never Been Easier

Most inspectors will tell you that the most time consuming part of putting together their reports is pictures. With Palm-Tech, adding pictures to your report has never been easier. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or your laptop/desktop, adding pictures is quick and simple. There is no limit to the number of pictures you can add so whether you're adding in 10 or 100 pictures, Palm-Tech makes it fast.

Adding Pictures on the Palm-Tech App

When using the Palm-Tech app on a smartphone or tablet, one of the biggest time-saving features is the ability to use the camera on your device to take a photo and then have it added directly into the report. While you are on a line where you would like to add a picture, simply tap on the 'Take Photo' button and your camera automatically opens. Once you take the picture, it is added right there to that specific line. Whether you email the report to the client directly from your mobile device or send it back to your main PC first, your pictures will be added and no extra effort is needed.

Using your mobile device to take pictures eliminates the need to take pictures with a separate camera and then having to add them into the report later. This is going to save you time on each inspection.

Pictures added in the app are also available for a picture review that you can show your client after your inspection. This gives you an opportunity to go over each issue/picture that came up in the inspection.

More Features About Pictures with Palm-Tech

  • Add text, circles, arrows and zoom boxes to pictures
  • Add as many pictures as you want to your reports
  • Add pictures to individual inspection items
  • You control the size of each picture
  • Have pictures appear in the body of the report, the summary or both places
  • Easily add a picture to the cover page
  • Use Picture Album to create separate picture reports

Adding Pictures in Palm-Tech on a Laptop/Desktop

Adding pictures into your report on a laptop or desktop is extremely easy as well. Simply resize your Palm-Tech screen and open your picture folder so they are side-by-side. Then click on a picture and drag it to the line you want to add it. Using the drag and drop feature to add pictures is simple and easy.

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