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You Choose the Hardware that Works for You

With Palm-Tech, you have a huge selection of hardware options to choose from so that you are able to get the perfect device that fits you! The program runs on the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, as well as, Windows desktops/laptops/tablets that run Windows XP/7/8/10.

Click on the device below that you are interested in using Palm-Tech on and get more information about how the program will work with that device.

Use an iPhone in the field for your home inspections Use an iPad in the field for your home inspections Use a Droid phone in the field for your home inspections Use an Android tablet in the field for your home inspections
Home Inspection Software on Laptop.                    Create your home inspection reports on a Windows tablet

Still Deciding What Hardware to Use?

Still unsure about what kind of device you are looking for? No problem! Use these questions to help you determine which device will work best for you:

  • How big of a screen do I want??
    • NOTE: The larger the screen the less portable and heavier the device will be.
  • Do I want to use my main cell phone for my inspections or do I want a separate device?
  • Do I want to use the app on a mobile device in the field?
  • How do I want to deliver reports to my clients?
  • Do I plan on adding pictures into my reports? How?

Next Steps

Ready to get started with Palm-Tech? Looking for more information? Below are steps you can take to move forward.

1. Request Free Demo

Download the free Palm-Tech demo to see how you can easily create professional reports with software that is fast, flexible and easy to use.

2. Contact Palm-Tech

If you have questions, or would like more information give us a call toll free Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM (Eastern Time in the U.S.) at 888-736-2462 or (513) 522-7362. You can also send us an email at

3. Sign Up for the Next Free Training Webinar

Each month we have a free training webinar that covers the basics of how to use Palm-Tech. You can register for the next session here.

4. Sign Up for our App and Hardware Information Article Emails

We write up short informational articles to help inspectors learn about the latest hardware available and what new features are coming with software and operating system updates. To receive them, sign up here.

5. Buy Now

If you're ready to get started with Palm-Tech there are several ways you can place your order:

  • Order online by clicking here.
  • Give us a call at (888)736-2462 and place an order over the phone.

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