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Business Portal

Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software includes an online portal that helps you run your home inspection business. It allows you to schedule appointments, manage agents/clients and more! Here is a list of what it includes:

  • Scheduling
  • Manage/track clients
  • Manage/track agents
  • Store/access old inspections
  • Business reporting
  • Email templates


The business portal makes scheduling and managing your inspection appointments fast and easy. It integrates directly with the Palm-Tech app and the Palm-Tech desktop program meaning that once you schedule an appointment it is immediately available. All the information you setup as part of the appointment will be pre-filled when you start your inspection which saves you time.

It's Free!

There are no additional or ongoing fees to use the Palm-Tech business portal. Most companies charge $30 - $99/month to access their online features and Palm-Tech doesn't. This saves you money. Once you purchase Palm-Tech you get full access to the business portal and don't have to pay extra to use it. Whether you're a new inspector looking to keep costs down while you build up your business or you've been doing this a long time and don't want to give your profits away each month, you'll love getting the features and convenience of a business portal without the extra cost

Palm-tech Home Inspection Software Business Portal Palm-tech Home Inspection Software Business Portal


  • How many inspections can I store? Is it unlimited?
    The portal includes 1GB of storage. For most inspectors this is more than enough to store a year of home inspections.

  • Will more features be added?
    Yes! We are actively working on adding more features and functionality to the portal.

  • Is it really free?
    Yes! Once you purchase Palm-Tech the online business portal is free and there are no separate fees to use it.

  • Do I have to use it?
    No. If you are using another system like ISN for scheduling then you can continue using the system you have in place.

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