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Android Phones and Tablets

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Home Inspection Software that runs on Android Phones/Tablets

Many home inspectors use Palm-Tech every day on their Android phone or tablet to put together their home inspection reports. With the Android app you have a huge selection of smartphones and tablets to choose from which means you'll be able to find one that suits you and your inspection style. Download the app from the Google Play Store and begin using the industry's easiest to use interface to complete your home inspection reports.

Features of the Palm-Tech App for the Android Phones/Tablets:

  • Start, finish and deliver your home inspection report all from your phone or tablet 
  • Collect information by tapping and swiping on-screen with the industry's easiest to use interface
  • Quickly add pictures into reports using the device's built-in camera
  • Easily email your reports to your clients as PDFs
  • Collect electronic signatures and enter cost estimates
  • Move files between your devices wirelessly using the Palm-Tech cloud drive
  • Fully customize your templates on your PC and send them over to your app OR make changes on the fly
  • Compatible with almost all newer Android devices

Click here to view a short tutorial that shows the basics of how to use Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software on an Android device.

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