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iPhone and iPad

Home Inspection Software for iPhones and iPads

Take your on-site reporting to the next level with the Palm-Tech app for the iPhone and iPad. Available in the Apple App Store, the Palm-Tech home inspection app allows you to quickly and easily create a great looking inspection report.

Features of the Palm-Tech App for the iPhone/iPad:

  • Complete your entire report from start to finish on your iPhone or iPad
  • Email reports to clients as PDFs while in the field
  • Collect information by tapping and swiping on-screen with the industry's easiest to use interface
  • Quickly add pictures into reports using the device's built-in camera
  • Collect electronic signatures and enter cost estimates
  • Move files between your devices wirelessly using the Palm-Tech cloud drive
  • Fully customize your templates on your PC and send them over to your app OR make changes on the fly

Click here to view a short tutorial that shows the basics of how to use Palm-Tech on an iPhone/iPad.

Demo the App on Your iPhone/iPad

Download the free Palm-Tech home inspection app from the Apple App Store and demo the app. See for yourself how easy it is to create a great looking inspection report with Palm-Tech!

home inspection software for iphone and ipad