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Using the Palm-Tech App

Using the Palm-Tech App - 30 Minutes

This page is designed to help you become an expert on the Palm-Tech App. It has a series of tutorials that walk through different parts of using the app. By watching through each of the videos, you'll learn different aspects of using the program from the basics to some of the more advanced functions.

We put this page together to give inspectors an easy to follow path to learn more about Palm-Tech. If you watch through each of the videos on this page, it will take you approximately 30 minutes.

NOTE: Many inspectors are able to start using Palm-Tech right away and working through this page is not necessary to be able to learn how to use the program. However, by taking the time to go through the page, in 30 minutes you can go from knowing nothing about Palm-Tech to being an expert on using the app.

Basics of Using the Palm-Tech App

This video focuses on the basics of using the Palm-Tech App for collecting information. Here are the topics covered in the video:

  • Starting a new inspection
  • Navigating the screen
  • Basics of entering inspection information
  • Basics of adding pictures to inspections
  • Creating a PDF on the app that you can email to your client

Reviewing My Inspection

This video focuses on revewing your inspection. Here are the topics covered in the video:

  • The Summary Review
  • The Picture Review
  • Creating a PDF of your inspection to review



Adding Markups to Pictures

This video focuses on adding markups to pictures that you add to your report. Here are the topics covered in the video:

  • Adding text to pictures on the app
  • Adding arrows, and ellipses to pictures on the app

Making Changes to Inspections

This video focuses on how to make changes to inspections when using the app. Here are the topics covered in the video:

  • Copy/Paste/Rename/Delete Lines
  • Copy/Paste/Rename/Delete Categories

Using Voice Recognition in the App

This video shows how to use your device's built-in voice recognition capabilities with the Palm-Tech App.

Collecting Electronic Signatures

This video shows how to collect an electronic signature in the Palm-Tech App.