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Version 6/6.5 How To Guides

This page lists all of the How To documents available for versions 6 and 6.5 of Palm-Tech. To see the list of Version 8 How Tos click here: here: Version 8 How To Guides

Palm-Tech How To Guides provide step by step instructions on a variety of topics. Below is the list of available How to Guides.

Installing Palm-Tech

How to install Palm-Tech to a Pocket PC

How to install Palm-Tech on a Tablet PC

How to use the Palm-Tech high security Pocket PC install

The Palm-Tech App

How to input cloud login information

How to backup your files to your Cloud Drive

How to copy a library to the app

How to send an inspection from the app to desktop

How to start a new inspection on the app

How to copy a template to the app

How to Install the Palm-Tech App on your iPhone or iPad

Moving Palm-Tech Between Computers

How to move Palm-Tech from one computer to another

How to transfer library files from one computer to another

Importing Previous Versions into Version 6

How to import Version 5 data into Version 6

How to update from Version 4 to Version 6

How to open Version 5 inspection files in Version 6

Updating License Information

How to update your license information

How to run a license update

Common Support Questions/Issues

How to report issue to tech support

How to create and restore backups

How to manually restore a backed up library

How to restore default templates and libraries

How to run the latest Palm-Tech update

How to troubleshoot software crashes

How to prevent data loss

How to delete templates

How to clear the cover page picture

How to resolve the slow typing in a note issue

How to turn off user account controls in Windows Vista

Print Settings/Printed Report

How to add a cover page to a report

How to edit the fonts in your report

How to make a narrative report

How to work with ratings in your printed report

How to work with ratings keys in your printed report

How to use a text separator

How to work with margins

How to use custom fields in print settings

How to edit the company name at the top of your printed report

How to view photos in only the summary or body

Making Changes to Templates/Inspections

How to save an inspection as a template

How to add an inspection agreement

How to add lines to your report

How to edit rating sets

How to add disclaimers to inspections

How to add a new category

How to rename a category

How to add tech notes to an inspection

How to delete a component in inspector

How to copy and paste lines between templates

How to add abbreviations to notes

How to Have Each Category Start on a New Page.pdf

Program Settings

How to setup auto rating entry

How to change the default file location

How to turn off the add to list prompt

How to show ratings individually onscreen

How to edit the screen font

How to change the default image size

How to add a cost to cure summary

Emailing a Report/Email Settings

How to email an inspection report

How to change the email template

How to email reports using a web based email

How to email a single page of a report

How to setup your default email

Using Palm-Tech on a Handheld

How to synchronize reports with your pocket pc

How to manually restore a backed up library on a handheld

How to copy templates from the desktop to a handheld

How to delete Palm-Tech from a PDA

How to manually retrieve inspections from a Pocket PC

Review Tools

How to use completeness and edit checks

How to work with summaries


How to drag and drop pictures into your report

How to work with library management

How to conduct a reinspection

How to import an inspection

How to add a diagram to an inspection

Inspection Designer Specific

How to create a custom cover page in designer

How to use merge fields

How to remove a line from line numbering

Picture Album

How to start a new photo album

How to combine inspection and picture album PDFs

Hardware Support

How to troubleshoot your Pocket PC

How to troubleshoot handheld when out of memory

How to perform a hard reset on a HP iPAQ 110

Smartphone Information

Tablet Comparison

iPad vs Tablet PC

How to setup the HP 470 Deskjet printer with WiFi

How to setup the HP 470 Deskjet printer with Bluetooth

How to perform a clean reset on a Socket Somo 650