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Below is information about the upcoming free training webinar from Palm-Tech:

Wednesday, 1/2/19 at 7:00 PM EST - on-line
Subject: Home Inspection Basics

Each month Palm-Tech has a free training webinar that goes through the basics of how to use the Palm-Tech program. This is an on-line event that inspectors can attend to learn more about the software. Inspectors who currently use Palm-Tech and ones that are considering a purchase will both benefit from attending.


Here are the main topics we cover:

  • How to enter information on a desktop/laptop
  • How to enter information on an iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet using the Palm-Tech app
  • How to customize templates and the way reports look
  • How to complete a report and email it to a client
  • How to use the Palm-Tech Cloud Drive to transfer files between devices
  • And more!

You can view previously recorded webinars here.

Palm-Tech Home Inspection Software
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