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Palm-Tech 5.20c Update

Palm-Tech 5.20c Update

You must already be running Version 5.0 or higher of Palm-Tech. Make sure that your Pocket PC is connected to your desktop PC before beginning the installation.

Click here to download the update.


NOTE: There is no default directory for downloading. Be sure to note the path where you are downloading the file.

Updated documentation is also available for download:

Palm-Tech Inspector V5 Users Guide.pdf
Inspection Designer V5 Users Guide.pdf
Palm-Tech Picture Album V5 Users Guide.pdf
Front Office Users Guide.pdf

Palm-Tech Inspector continues to lead the Home Inspection software industry because of valuable feedback from professionals like you. Any questions or suggestions for future enhancement can be directed via email to info@palm-tech.com or call us toll-free at (1-888-736-2462).

Version 5.20c includes updates for Palm-Tech Inspector, Picture Album and Inspection Designer.

Version 5.20a addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed the issue with Note Window created in version 5.20 when special colors were specified in the rating set.

Version 5.20 Adds the following improvements:

  • Added a restore backup process to Inspector (Tools-> Restore Program Backup).
  • Added a new merge field for {{All Notes}}
  • Updated the TREC template for Home Inspectors in Texas
    Corrected previous omission
    Added a process that automatically mark an item as inspected if it is marked as deficient to better comply with Texas Standards
    Made adding pictures to the template easier & automatically more consistent
    Fixed page numbering when a cover page is included
  • Added an edit to Designer that reports when component names and component placeholders do not match up.
  • Added a fatal edit in Designer for items that have 'send to database' checked but no Data IDs
  • Added a process that will compact library files and eliminate unneeded images form the library to speed up program performance.

Version 5.20 addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed the issue with editing the common summary disclaimer
  • Fixed the issue with Note Window fonts when the template had special print settings assigned and the Data font was different from the global print settings assignment.
  • Made formatting on HTML export cleaner
  • Fixed HTML export so that if a note was the only thing on the line, the line would export correctly
  • Fixed the issue with page setup logo location so that the logo can be correctly placed in a custom location or not printed without having to remove the logo.
  • Modified PDspect licensing to eliminate false occurrences of Error #702
  • Modified the Demonstration Version Notification on the print out to avoid the occasional notice printing on a single page of a licensed report
  • Fixed the issue where Designer would occasionally have an issue with adding categories from the toolbar

Version 5.19c Adds the following improvements:

  • Added the option to have a table of Contents print
    To add a table of contents, go to Setup -> Print Settings and choose Options. CHeck the box that says "Include Table of Contents"
  • Added the ability to drag and drop pictures from Windows Explorer into your report.
    NOTE: Vista Users may need to change security settings to allow programs to receive files via drag and drop.

Version 5.19c addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed the issue where a category with no contents to print would be listed in the TOC
  • Fixed the issue with print settings on the Pocket PC

Version 5.18f Adds the following improvements:

  • Added a new line type that allows sections of categories to be collapsed/expanded which allows Pocket PC users to more easily navigate longer categories.
  • Added an XML export to Inspector
  • Added instructions for the Nov 2008 updated Texas report format (REI 7A-1)
  • Added the option to have a specific file/program called at the end of the send to spreadsheet process
    Specify the file to be called in Template properties -> Special Instructions by adding ExportSpreadsheet='Name of file' (use single quotes) to the special instructions property.
    NOTE: Any type of file or program recognized by Windows can be called.
  • Added a new option to make reinspections easier. There are 2 new instructions that can be added in Inspection Designer that allows information to be maintained from one inspection to the next and allow for the previous inspection's results to be viewed. The instructions are as follows:
    Reinspect Maintain - this instruction can be added at the line or piece level
    Where this instruction exists, information is not cleared when Tools -> Reinspection is inspected.
    Reinspect Keep History - This instruction is used at the line level
    For lines where this instruction exists, inspection data from the current inspection is placed into an information piece that is accessible by clicking the previosu inspection information icon on the line when Tools -> reinspect is selected. When you select Tools -> Reinspect, the program will:
    • Move inspection answer data for lines specified with "Reinspect Keep History" into an information icon.
    • Clear all answer data (except where specified with "Reinspect Maintain"
    • Remove all pictures and diagrams that have been added on the fly (last element on the line)
    • Move Final comments into Private Notes
  • Modified Horizontal Space Filler piece so that you can get the piece to behave like a tab. If the "Act Like a Tab" option is checked, then the next piece will start how ever many inches over you've entered.
  • Added the option to exact place most items horizontally across the page.
    If you only enter a left exact placement number, the program will place the item that far across from the left on the current line and will reserve the space used as it would normally.
    NOTE: Does not apply to images diagrams or electronic signatures
  • Improved licensing by adding support for different licensing models.
  • Sped up the process of copying and pasting categories when working with long reports (reports with 10,000+ lines can now copy/paste in seconds).

Version 5.18f addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed the issue in Inspection Designer when working with different templates that used different rating sets where the previous rating set would be used in the new template when testing in the input preview.
  • Fixed the issue related to IDs not updating correctly when importing categories from another inspection.
  • Fixed the issue related to Check in Date not allowing an update when system is disconnected for more than 30 days.
  • Fixed exact placement with option lists.
  • Fixed issue with Score entry answer exact placement reversing left and down.
  • Improved the install process to make registration of the program easier.
  • Fixed various reported issues

Version 5.17c Adds the following improvements:

  • Simplified the process used to send a template from within Inspection Designer.
    When you tell the program to e-mail a template, it now creates a single Template Update file containing the template and if instructed, the library that the recipient can open and place the template and library without having to put different files in different places.
    NOTE: If you tell the program to include the library, the library included, will REPLACE the end user library if they choose to bring in the library.
  • Added new properties to pieces used for data management and transfer
    1. Data ID - This is used to identify
    2. Instruction - Used for specific applications to tell the program how to handle a specific piece of data.
  • Improved the cover page image quality. When you add an image to the cover page of a report the full resolution of the original image is used.
  • Added a process whereby a new inspection can be started based on an import file allowing creation of specified categories and prepopulation of specific data. Rules are as follows:
    1. Must use the file extension ".pdimport"
    2. The file must follow the specified format
      • CSV text format
      • Line 1 contains the template name (ie "Due Diligence.tm5")
      • Line 2 should contain the name of the destination inspection file name (ie "Williamsburg Apartments.pt5"). If the line is blank, the program will prompt the user to enter a name. If the inspection file name is blank, the empty line still needs to be included. If no path is specified, it will be placed in the inspection files location specified in Program Settings.
  • Line 3+ will have 4 columns   i. Category Name - if the category does not exist it will be created.
      ii. Source (optional) - where to get a new categories content from. It can be an existing category in the inspection or a component.
      iii. Piece Data ID - the DataID of the piece to insert data into.
      iv. The data to put into the piece
      Here is a sample file:
        Due Diligence.tm5
        Williamsburg Apartments.pt5
        Apt 101, Living Space, Unit Number, 101
        Apt 101, , Unit Type, Studio
  • Modified the export specified data elements only process to more closely mirror the new import structure. New structure contains 5 columns
      Column 1 - Category Name
      Column 2 - Piece ID (text)
      Column 3 - Data (the 'answer')
      Column 4 - Component Location (if any)
      Column 5 - Component type (if any)
  • Added an option to start inspections from the command line based on a specific template (ie "PDSpect.exe Master.tm5").
  • Added an option to filter score results to have a score result´┐Żs calculation filtered, add the text Filter="A" where A is the prefix upon which to filter. Filters are case sensitive. When calculating a score, the program looks at the filter and only includes elements (both ratings and score entries) where the Element ID of the item begins with the same filter string. In the above case, Entries for "Preparation", "Preplacement", & "Prep Cleanliness" would be included in the score.
  • Added the option to export decimal data within scores to the web database.
  • Modified the auto email process to use the instruction property instead of Element ID to identify the following fields:[[Site]], [[Path]], [[Title]], [[From]], [[To1]], [[To2]], [[To3]], [[To4]], [[To5]], [[To6]], [[To7]], [[To8]], [[To9]], [[To10]], [[Attach]]

Version 5.17c addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed the issue with pictures on lines marked NA
  • Fixed the issue where inspections would in certain circumstances would display Demonstration Version if there were not saved.
  • Fixed the issue with Zoom boxes not printing correctly to PDF when the zoom box was drawn in a certain way.
  • Fixed the issue with PDFs not opening after printed if the inspection file did not exist in the Inspection File Location designated in Program Settings.
  • Fixed the issue in Front Office where a service would be marked as inactive, but the change would not remain.
  • Fixed the issue with edit checks wher an item would be reported as being marked both Not Inspected and Not Applicable.
  • Fixed the issue with score calulcations not rounding the hundredth deicmal place correctly in some applications.
  • Fixed the issue in Inspection Designer when choosing an override list where all lists would not appear incertain circumstances.
  • Fixed the issue with automatically transmitted data files not being named correctly based on a 24 hour clock.