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Palm-Tech 6.07h Update

Palm-Tech 6.07h Update

You must already be running Version 6.0 or higher of Palm-Tech. Make sure that your Pocket PC is connected to your desktop PC before beginning the installation.

Click here to download the update.


NOTE: There is no default directory for downloading. Be sure to note the path where you are downloading the file.

Version 6.07h Adds the following improvements:

  • Added default Print settings for Checklist, Narrative, Combination and classic Palm-Tech styles that can be created with a single click.
  • Added a new line type in the Add Line option for a rating prompt and note.
  • Added the option to present data in multiple columns in the printed report without using exact placement or modifying the input process.
  • Modified the Note Window so that the note text appears a minimum of 10 pts tall. This makes it easier to read and work with even when using ver small fonts.

Version 6.07h addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed the issue related to the %5s error (passed on by Windows) that would occasionally appear when multiple copies of the software were open at once on the same PC.
  • Modified the Save As Template process to automatically erase all cover page data even if you tell it to save data in the report.
  • Modified the Note window to appear no smaller than 300 pixels wide and/or high to prevent it from not being seen if sized too small.
  • Fixed issue with the Note Window where the item label would cover the OK button if the window was small.
  • Fixed the issue with correct resolution of line level merge fields in the Summary Prompt line property.
  • Fixed the issue with cover page photos not displaying correctly without first clearing the field.
  • Simplified default folder selection when using the add picture process by choosing from the selction window instead of dragging and dropping.
  • Fixed the issue with certain text lines added in Inspector with numeric data not printing correctly.
  • Fixed the issue with Error report e-mails not creating/sending correctly.

Version 6.06d Adds the following improvements:

  • Added the option to number pictures in Picture Album (turned on by default)
  • Increased the quality of the cover page image in Picture Album. If you add the cover page image from your hard drive, the program will refer back to the original file instead of the cahed version to provide full resolution on the cover page image.
  • Added an option in Program Settings that allows a user to choose to have the first rating in a rating set selected automatically if:
      No previous rating was entered
      No description was entered
  • Modified the Note/Disclaimer window to be easier to use on tablet screens.
  • Extended the print preview mode in Inspection Designer to see 5 pages within a category without pages wrapping
  • Added support for Inspection Support Network Order files. You can doubleclick to open them or use file Open and change the file type at the bottom to isnpt to start an inspection based on the order.
  • Added support for The Schedule Center (Inspection Management Systems) Order files. You can doubleclick to open them or use file Open and change the file type at the bottom to tscpt to start an inspection based on the order.
  • Added the option to automatically update templates in the profile by comparing date/time in the install folder against the date/time in the user profile. If the Install folder is newer, the profile is updated.
  • Added component name to prompt in Cost To Cure summary

Version 6.06d addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed the issue with version 6.06b re: the spell checker and trial version messages
  • Fixed the issue with selecting text and "Add to Library" in the note window created when updating the spell checker for Windows 7.
  • Fixed the issue with copying files to the Pocket PC when file extensions are turned off
  • Modified Delete Old Inspections to prevent lock ups in certain circumstances related to "Unknown Client" inspections
  • Fixed the issue with deleting old inspections from the Pocket PC related to "Unknown Client" inspections.
  • Modified the default e-mail message
  • Fixed the issue with selecting from category list on Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Modified the update process so that it would not automatically require a reboot
  • Updated Spell checker to resolve slow typing issue experienced by some in Windows 7
  • Added an option to input the Company Address in Picture Album under settings so that the address can be shown correctly on the cover page
  • Fixed the issue with space characters prefixing default descriptions
  • Fixed issue in 6.05a with the Program Settings window in Inspection Designer
  • Fixed the issue with cover pages images not printing the correct image once an initial image was selected
  • Fixed the issue where custom the program was referring to 2 different custom dictionary files. There is now only 1 file located in My Documents\Palm-Tech6\Data.